Inspirational Mugs | Zen Saying About Kindness


  • “Kindness is no excuse for cowardice.” – Book of Zen
  • Inspirational Coffee Mug About Kindness
  • 11 oz. Ceramic Mug – Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
  • Zen Gifts for the Courageous: Made in the USA

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Motivational Mug About CowardiceThis white ceramic mug from Book of Zen is a perfect for friends whose kindness sometimes gets in the way. It’s able to hold 11 ounces of strong hot joe, giving the drinker ample time to meditate on this original Zen circle saying about kindness.

Made in the USA, this brawny coffee mug will withstand the heat of the microwave or dishwasher and be enjoyed for years to come. Motivate your friends and family with this inspirational coffee mug about courage and kindness.

Book of Zen Sayings: “Kindness is no excuse for cowardice.”


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